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Rupert Sanderson Malory embellished velvet pumps
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Kurt Hornik and Stefan Theussl at WU (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien) successfully built R on a ‘ powerpc ’ (8- Power6 system) running AIX 6.1, configuring with or without --enable-R-shlib (Ei-ji Nakama’s support is gratefully acknowledged).

It helps to describe the WU build environment first. A small part of the software needed to build R and/or install packages is available directly from the AIX Installation DVDs, e.g., Java 6 and X11. Additional open source software (OSS) is packaged for AIX in .rpm files and available from both IBM’s “AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications” ( ) and . The latter website typically offers more recent versions of the available OSS. All tools needed and libraries downloaded from these repositories (e.g., GCC, Make, libreadline , etc.) are typically installed to /opt/freeware , hence corresponding executables are found in /opt/freeware/bin which thus needs to be in PATH for using these tools. As on other Unix systems one needs libiconv as the AIX version of iconv is not sufficiently powerful. Additionally, for proper Unicode compatibility one should install the corresponding package from the ICU project ( ASOS SPEARMINT Leather Heels 6HLOMUR
), which offers pre-compiled binaries for various platforms which in case of AIX can be installed via unpacking the tarball to the root file system. For full LaTeX support one can install the TeX Live DVD distribution ( Stella McCartney Star Binx denim loafers siEnm
): it is recommended to update the distribution using the tlmgr update manager. For 64-bit R builds supporting Tcl/Tk this needs to installed from the sources as available pre-compiled binaries supply only 32-bit shared objects.

The recent WU testing was done using compilers from both the Compiler Collection (version 4.2.4) which is available from one of the above OSS repositories, and the IBM C/C++ (XL C/C++ 10.01) as well as FORTRAN (XL Fortran 12.01) compilers ( ).

To compile for a 64-bit ‘ powerpc ’ (Power6 ) target one can use

for the GCC and

for the IBM XL compilers. For the latter, it is important to note that the decision for generating 32-bit or 64-bit code is done by setting the OBJECT_MODE environment variable appropriately (recommended) or using an additional compiler flag ( -q32 or -q64 ). By default the IBM XL compilers produce 32 bit code. Thus, to build R with 64-bit support one needs to either export OBJECT_MODE=64 in the environment or, alternatively, use the -q64 compiler options.

It is strongly recommended to install Bash and use it as the configure shell, e.g., via setting CONFIG_SHELL=/usr/bin/bash in the environment, and to use Make (e.g., via ( MAKE=/opt/freeware/bin/make ).

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Newman 207A is a flexible classroom designed for both lecture-based and group-activity instruction. This classroom is open to students for open study for parts of exam week, but is reserved during the regular semester for classes, workshops, and events.

Approximately 40 chairs are available (maximum room occupacy: 50)

Newman 207A Technology Cheat Sheet

Please check availability before booking: Newman 207A Calendar

Book Newman 207A (requires VT Google account)

If you are wanting a librarian to teach your class, please use the Request Instruction form instead. Room booking is handled automatically as part of that process.

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28 MacBooks on a laptop cart

Instructor MacBook

4 large presentation screens


Library classrooms are available only during regular building hours (vary by semester) and are fully supported during normal business hours (9am - 5pm).

Orientation to classroom equipment is available to instructors in advance of their scheduled booking. Contact the Classroom Support Staff at for more details.

Patrons are responsible for the cleanliness and order of the classroom following use. The Library is not responsible for left or unattended items.

Booking requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis; however, general restrictions include:

Use of classroom by student groups or undergraduates, unaccompanied by a faculty member or graduate teaching assistant.

More than 3 non-library related classroom bookings in one semester.

Please make all space requests no less than 5 business days before your event.

Use of classrooms by non-University groups without library collaboration.

: The periods from late January to mid-April and late August to late October are especially busy times for library instruction. The classrooms will be kept available for library instruction during these periods.

A two-day cancellation notice is requested; contact FEAR OF GODJungle High Top Sneakers with Leather Gr EU 40 vvQs4

With the exception of the SCALE-UP classroom, library classrooms are not to be reserved for the exclusive use of semester-long courses. We will work to accommodate as much library and university programming in the classrooms as possible.

Happy listening – and if anyone says they don’t see how librarians would use design thinking – you know where to send them.

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While a “hyper-relevant” digital library experience is futuristic today, librarians should consider the ramifications and possibilities of systems that make extreme personalization possible – but need hyper-private data to run.

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Librarians have at one time or another attempted websites that allow community members to personalize the digital library experience.

One experiment that comes to mind was conducted at North Carolina State University, circa 1999. Prada Sporty logo sandals 4lEpq
allowed a student or faculty member to customize their library home page.

It certainly seemed like a cool idea at the time. For one reason or another it never caught on. Perhaps the community members were fine with the existing page and found little added value in taking time to set up a personalized library home page.

I suspect personalization technology is now far more advanced. We can probably offer some even cooler forms of customization. The cost it comes with is privacy – and earning consumer trust.

In an article about consumer digital experiences at Digital Content Next , Michelle Manafy writes “Today’s consumers are more worried about data privacy than they are about losing their income. At the same time, they expect increasingly personalized digital experiences.” If fear of giving up too much personal data is what kept MyLibrary from catching on, then the “the more things change the more they stay the same” speaks volumes.

Manafy points to user studies that claim the majority of consumers are willing to share their data with companies – but with a caveat. First, they want something of value in exchange for giving up their data. To me that sounds like some sort of rewards system where consumers earn points redeemable for free goods and services. Second, it only works if the system is completely trustworthy.

In an age of data breaches, just how much can consumers trust corporate data systems? They could hardly be blamed for having doubts.

There’s also a considerable difference between “MyLibrary” and today’s personalization. It’s called “hyper-relevance”. It’s more than just allowing your community members to customize what appears on their library web landing page. What makes it hyper-relevant? It’s always on. It is a dynamic type of personalization, constantly changing to reflect the user’s latest activity and always evolving.

What might that look like for a library? Let’s say a faculty member’s Research Information Management system profile changes to reflect a new interest or collaboration. The hyper-relevant website would adapt itself to accommodate that change and immediately start serving up relevant content.

July 16, 2018

All things Denver Broncos, all the time.

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, Trevor Siemian



The Broncos named Trevor Siemian their starting quarterback Monday. He spoke with the media today to talk about the big news.

“Obviously, very excited. I’m really just excited about moving forward, playing this week and starting the season off. I think we have a really special group. We have a good team. I’m excited to get to work.”

The team can now focus on getting Siemian prepared with the 1st-team. “It’s good to establish some continuity with that group of guys that we’re going to be playing with. … I feel like we’ve gotten some great work in the last couple of months when you look at OTAs.

So, does he think he can be a starter in the NFL?“I hope so. I think I can. I have a long way to go. I know where I can get better. I also know some of the things I can do well. For me, even going back to when I came in the league, I try to do a good job of taking it one day and rep at a time.”

For Siemian, the offense has a ‘much better feel now than I did when we started.’ “I think we’re getting to that point in camp where we’ve gotten plenty of reps under our belt. … I think it’s only going to continue to get better. I just really like the scheme a lot and I don’t just speak for myself. I know everybody is enjoying the scheme.”

Siemian has had to compete for the starting job the last two seasons. He reflected on his time behind a certain quarterback on the depth chart: “When I was here and I watched Peyton, that guy wasn’t content—Hall of Fame or whatever it was. But every day and every week, I think you have to earn your job. Quarterback is no different.”

He said that all he needed was a chance. “I just really worried about myself and improving. … I think I’ve grown a lot as a player. Going back to OTAs when I came in, I said I wanted to get better at these certain things to see where it would take me. I think if I did those, everything would kind of work itself out.”

As the starting quarterback, he has to show more leadership, not only on the field, but off of it. “You have to understand your role as a quarterback. You’re a leader of the team and you have to embrace that, and I do. But also, I’m just going to be myself, be authentic, a good teammate and be a good quarterback.”

“Paxton has been good,” Siemian said of Lynch. “We just talked. … We have a great room. … Both of us understand it’s a competition. There’s only one guy on the field. He’s obviously handling it really well.”

“I’ve been really lucky to be around those kinds of people. Peyton is the obvious one everybody asks me about, but I’ve been around a lot of smart guys and smart coaches. I just try to take advantage of that.” Siemian named a few: Former HC Gary Kubiak, former OC Rick Dennison, and former QB coach Greg Knapp.

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