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True Decadence Embellished Block Heeled Sandals pKAXsxAy6N
True Decadence Embellished Block Heeled Sandals

We asked girls for the dumbest reasons they cried while hormonal and now I’m crying too


‘I cried because the sky was beautiful’

by Jack Wolfskin Vojo Hike Texapore Hiking Boot In OlugBa

We've all been there — in a situation where normally, we'd be faintly annoyed, but with the added bonus of a veritable tsunami of estrogen. Sometimes, you just have to cry it out, am I right?

Whether it's that Sarah McLaughlin commercial with those sad, abandoned cats or the Chipotle employee fucking up your order because you were mumbling, we've all burst into tears off some deeply stupid shit.

Women who exercise to relieve period pain are serial killers in the making. Get a hot water bottle take 3x too much paracetomol and cry urself to sleep like the rest of us. Fucking psychopaths.

— leesh🐯 (@alyciaM__)

We asked our readers about the dumbest thing that's ever made them cry in that super special pre-period window (or beyond) and boy, did they deliver. If you can make it through this article without tearing up, congratulations: you're stable! Must be nice.

I cried because a pepperoni fell off the pizza… and I felt bad for the pepperoni.

– Dani

I cried because I dropped an egg and I thought about the mother chicken.

Those 'I want to cry for no reason' periods. The worst.

— StyleByShary (@SharonKMwangi)

I cried once because I wanted a veggie Chipotle bowl and my boyfriend got me chicken and I told him I was going to DIE from the salt. I lived though 😂


I was eating ranch and chicken wings and the ranch spilled all over the to-go box. It was gonna get super messy, and I didn’t want it to be that messy!

– Erika

I picked out the wrong pair of leggings and didn't realize until I was halfway to class. Mind you, I had two pairs of the exact same leggings –same color, same size, but one felt different to me deep down in my soul and I wanted to wear those, not the subpar ones I ended up wearing! I cried so much I missed class.

– Angela

I cry over everything on my period. especially sleeping puppies.

— kenz (@kenzbegala)

I once threw up from crying so hard while one my period because… get this… my mom texted me "whatever." With a PERIOD. I thought our relationship was o v e r.

– Jess

I cried because I couldn’t get a Wendy’s Spicy Chicken sandwich… because I can’t drive.

– Leah

I was mad at my bf all day. All fucking day. So finally, he sits down to ask me what the problem is, and I’m going to tell him. Oooh, I’m going to tell him what the fucking problem is! So I get myself all huffed up and ready to fucking tell this bitch off, when I quickly realize I have no fucking clue why I’m mad at him. So I start laughing. Hysterically. He looked so confused, and that look of confusion quickly turned to a look of horror because I started bawling my eyes out for being mean to him all day. True story.

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